A&C Square Extention

Location: East Legon, Accra, Ghana
Program: Retail, community space and playground
Client: A&C Development Co. Ltd
Status: In progess
Area: 1500sqm

Located in East Leagon, a suburb east of the city centre, A&C Square is one of the first shopping malls constructed in Accra. It comprises a mix of retail units, commercial offices and a small gym.

A homeware and furniture store was to be introduced to the mix as part of a continuing expansion programme. The store was to be located on a former community space and children’s play area. Our challenge was to find a way to retain the community space and play area, while also enabling the commercial development.

In response, we stacked the playground on two levels. This allowed us to make up for the lost footprint. The double-storey arrangement gave us a chance to explore the poetic idea of tree houses for kids. The upper level is a sheltered play area and the ground floor level can be adapted for multiple uses, such as community functions, when the play area is unoccupied.

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