For The Love Of Music

In townships, and other areas where poverty persists, young talented people are often attracted to a lifestyle of gang culture and criminal activity. However, for many of them music has become a driving force to overcome their struggles; but they lack the appropriate resources to assist them in furthering their careers.

The Music and Entrepreneur School, located in Langa Township, aims to become a creative hub where young budding musicians are given the resources to pursue their dreams and hone their skills. The new building, inspired by the dynamic shapes of musical instruments, tappers both in elevation and in plan to create a strong sculptural presence that can be seen from the street.

Lectures will be given on aspects of music production, graphic design, basic internet usage, and video editing. The school will also have specific production facilities with the latest equipment donated by sponsors. An outdoor area will be used as an events space to host workshops and screenings for both the school and the communities.

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