The Cape Town Science Centre is a not-for-profit science centre located in Observatory, Cape Town. It offers a wide range of out-of-classroom initiatives to improve the quality of science understanding and science literacy in South Africa.

The Centre called for proposals to upgrade its currently under-used courtyard. We recognised an additional need: to provide the Centre with greater street presence that would reflect its status as a popular cultural and learning destination. With this in mind, our proposal to upgrade the Centre consists of two interventions: a new screen for the street façade and a new science park in the currently under-used courtyard.

The proposed street-facing screen is based on the scientific concept of fractals. It is a bold and colourful three-dimensional sculpture clipped on to the street façade to create a powerful visual statement in a gritty urban environment.

For the courtyard, we divided the existing space into several experience zones where visitors can enjoy own age-appropriate activities. Individual science displays are scattered across the various zones to encourage children to learn while exploring the entire courtyard space. Every element is designed to amplify the learning experience, either through simple appreciation of natural resources, or understanding how to harness its natural powers.

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