Sculpture for Cape Town International Convention Centre

Location: Cape Town CBD, South Africa
Program: Public sculpture
Status: Top 5 finalist

The sculpture was designed to mark the gateway to Cape Town’s central business district (CBD). It combines the natural elements that are characteristics of Cape Town: the ocean, the wind and the mountain. The design draws from the history of Cape Town’s foreshore, the land for which was reclaimed from the sea. Our concept introduces an organic, fluid sea creature reminiscent of sea anemones or whale vertebra bones.

The kinetic sculpture responds to the prevailing wind in the foreshore, catching it in its spiral shape which turns slowly like a vertical windmill. The sculptural structure is created by repetitively layering a modular form that evokes contours in the landscape. This typographical approach to form making is a tribute to the beautiful mountain ranges found in the Cape.

The simple metaphors in the concept, the powerful organic form, and the kinetic energy generated by the Spiral all contribute to its potential to be an iconic landmark and a meeting point at the threshold of Cape Town International Convention Centre.

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