Media24 Naspers Centre

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Program: Corporate building upgrade
Client: Media24
Status: 1st prize winner

This was a design competition to reimagine the Naspers Centre, on Cape Town’s Foreshore. The competition called for proposals to redesign the façade of the building.

Our design is inspired by the shift in information technology from printed papers to digital format, and how this evolution of communication medium has shaped our daily lives. The concept explores the idea of turning the building into a medium of communication with strong visual connections to the city. We imagined the building’s façade as a canvas (newspaper) or an electronic device (iPhone). It is made up of three layers:

The façade canvas:
Conceptually, the ‘canvas’ or ‘paper’ that wraps around the building is folded, stretched, snipped off, and shaped to highlight all the positive attributes of the current building in relation to its context. The building becomes a bold urban sculpture as it extends beyond the façade as a horizontal canopy at the building entrance. This creates a vibrant public square that contributes to the city’s urban fabric.

Visual hot spots:
The visual hot spots are strategically placed elements on the canvas that reinforce the landmark location of the Media24 building within Cape Town foreshore’s new cultural precinct.

Solar Harvesters:
The façade’s outer layer is made up of solar panel arrays to power the digital billboards and to reduce overall energy consumption. The solar panels are laid in a pixelated pattern to further symbolise the digital nature of new media communication, which is so integral to Media24’s brand and operation.

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