Mountain Road Park

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Program: Urban park upgrade
Client: Greenpop
Status: Pending

How to revitalise a discard land for the benefit of the community?

Greenpop, a local South African social enterprise, is leading the revolution for urban greening and reforestation projects in Africa. The organisation plants trees in schools to contribute to the social upliftment of communities. Their projects are run with the help of volunteers and corporates who want to get involved as team-building exercises.

Mountain Road Park is a small disused park located above Greenpop’s nursery in a quiet residential neighbourhood and adjacent a highway. We were commissioned to develop a vision to revitalise the park, transforming it into a positive public space for the nursery staff and the nearby community. Our proposal is based on an urban design concept called The Power of 10+, developed by the influential think-tank Project for Public Spaces. The idea behind this concept is that places thrive when users have a range of reasons – ideally ten or more (10+) – to be there.

We created a series of elements in the park that would motivate visitors to find different ways to use the space. This includes an area for quiet contemplation with benches under the trees; play area with jungle gyms and bird houses; and a small amphitheatre for Sunday concerts and social events. We also included a skateboard ramp designed to accommodate skaters with different skills levels. This will help attract youngsters to the park, keeping them off the streets.

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