Lufefe Nomjana started Espinaca (‘spinach in Spanish) Innovations in 2012. It is a bakery he founded by borrowing a neighbour’s oven. Over time he has earned a reputation as the ‘Spinach King’ and ‘Popeye of Khayelitsha’, promoting healthy eating through the bread he bakes.

We were commissioned by Virgin Active SA to develop a retail kiosk for Lufefe to help expand his business. Located at the busy Khayelitsha Mall, the kiosk uses a 12m container, refurbished to fit a juice bar as shop front and a kitchen for his bakery business at the back. Architecturally, we have developed three key features that express the energy and vitality of a healthy lifestyle of the Espinaca brand:

Dynamic roof- the roof of the kiosk has an aerodynamic form to express the notion of energy and motion, it also forms a heat buffer from direct sunlight.

Vertical Farm- timber planters are attached to the façade of the container as a spinach farm for the juice bar and bakery.

Social Patio- the south facing patio space is shaded throughout the day, making it an ideal space for public seating and social gathering.

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