Awards and Accolades


• As part of the “Young Architects in Africa” award, some of our work were exhibited at the 15th Venice Biennial of Architecture and later in Shanghai, China.


• Honorable Mention for the international “Young Architects in Africa” competition, France. (more info)
• Officially recognized World Design Capital projects by us: Safmarine Community Projects, Green Lab & Cape Town Open Design Festival.
• 1st Prize for Media24’s “Re-imagining An Icon” Competition to upgrade Cape Town’s landmark Naspers Building. (more info)
• Finalist in the Western Cape Government Public Art Competition. (more info)


• Won a silver metal at the Loerie Awards under the architecture category for Visserhok Container School, SA. (more info)
• Top 10 finalists for ‘Fine Brandy By Design’ Bar Competition, SA.


• Top 8 finalists, Afrisam Award for Sustainable Architecture, for Safmarine Sports Center, SA. (more info)
• One of the four winners, Design Indaba ‘Your Street’ competition for Urban Mosaic Project, SA. (more info)


• 3rd prize, Anglo American Architecture Competition, SA. (more info)
• Award of Architecture, Cape Institute of Architecture for Safmarine Sports Center, SA. (more info)


• 2nd prize for ‘Re-Imagine Cape Town’ Competition, SA. (more info)
• Top 10 finalists for ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa Award’ at Design Indaba for the Ostrich Barstool. (more info)


• 3rd prize winner, Western Cape Furniture Competition, for the Ostrich Bar Stool, SA. (more info)
• 4th prize winner, Best of Cape Town Award for the Nested Bunk Beds, SA. (more info)


• Top 5 finalists, CTICC Public Sculpture competition, SA. (more info)
• 2nd prize international winner for the International Young Design Entrepreneur Award, British Council, UK. (more info)


• Winner Topbilling Momentum Lifestyle Award for the decor category, SA. (more info)
• Winner of the International Red Dot Award for the the Nested Bunk Beds. (more info)
• Winner of ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ Award for the Nested Bunk Beds,as voted by public at Design Indaba, SA. (more info)


• 1st prize winner,Pick ‘n Pay 36sqm Challenge competition, SA.

• Excellence Award for stand design at Decorex Cape Expo, SA.
• Top 10 finalists for two submissions at SA Telcom ‘Chair of the Future’ competition.
• Top five finalists, Carrol Boyes Metal Competition to design a set of salt and pepper shakers, SA.


• 2nd prize winner, Twiice International Chair Design Competition, SA.


• 2nd prize, Hanssem DBEW International Housing Competition, Korea.