Nested Bunk Bed

The Nested Bunk Bed was a winning entry for the 36sqm Challenge, a local design competition seeking solutions that improve the lives of people living in small spaces. Typically in South Africa, seven or eight people live in 36sqm structures. This is a condition commonly found in low cost income housing areas across the country.

The Nested Bunk Bed was inspired by Russian Matriochka dolls that nest inside each other. The system helps provide comfortable places to sleep in confined spaces. The bunk beds could accommodate as many as 20 children in a 50sqm area. They can be packed away to free up space when the beds are not in use. The full stack is a similar height as a standard bunk bed. Each of the lower sections can be pulled out to serve various purposes: a sofa for two or grand-stand style seating. When fully extended, each unit sleeps five.

The design has won several awards, including the ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ Award at Design Indaba expo in 2008, and the international Red Dot Award in 2007. Click here to see a video about the project.