Cape Craft and Design Institute office

Location: Harrington Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Program: Corporate office
Client: CCDI
Status: Completed
Area: 2000sqm

The Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) is a craft and design sector development agency with a mission to develop people and build responsible creative enterprises with the capacity and capability to trading within local and international markets.

The organisation was previously located in two separate buildings in the East City Precinct of Cape Town. The time had come to consolidate all departments and staff into a single shared 2000sqm office on the same floor. Our final layout follows three simple design strategies:

Strategy 1: Use translucent polycarbonate sheets to create new walls to let as much natural light as possible into the deep office space and to avoid dark office cubicles.

Strategy 2: Place various types of social spaces along the main circulation routes to create a sense of community, facilitate chance meetings and encourage greater interactions between different departments.

Strategy 3: The office project also prompted the client to update their corporate identity and company logo. Working with the client’s graphic designer, we assigned different colours to each of the 40 doors in the new office, which were referred to as the brand’s colour DNA. They are also used to enhance way-finding and security: the door colours were programmed to correspond with the security system.

We also worked with local young designer-makers to create various furniture items such as the Hexagon Shelf in the reception area and the Three-dimensional Screen in the lift foyer.

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