Design Storming is a design movement, organized in the spirit and vision of of World Design Capital 2014, to activate the design communities in Cape Town in order to address many of the social problems that exists in the city. Architect Y. Tsai of Tsai Design Studio is part of the creative team behind this new concept.

The basic framework of Design Storming was first drafted as the following:

We have heard in chaos theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings, its ripple effect can be felt a few continents away in the form of a storm. In Cape Town, where Portuguese sailors once referred to as Cape of Storms, local designers are interested in capturing the energy of our local weather system with the help of our creativity- with or without the help of a butterfly- to use design for social change.

Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 title has promised its citizens a better city through design, but how can one harness this new ideal, not just from top down, but bottoms up, at grassroots level so that everyman on the street can understand what design can do?

Cape Town Design Network and Creative Cape Town are on a proactive mission to bridge the gap between designers and local communities to find the much needed creative solutions, designing a common platform we nick named Design Storming.

The formula of the platform, learning from the likes of Pecha Kucha, TEDx, Common Pitch, Science Hack etc, is about a complete cycle of design process. Starting from the initial engagement with the NGOs, local communities and relevant stake holders, it is followed by a high impact 24hr brain storming workshops, which will result in a final exhibition as well as a series of presentations in front of an audience. It is hoped that the human centered process, with its open source approach, will lead to eventual prototypes and actual implementation. Every Design Storming session will be documented and presented on a website. The formula its self is also a work in progress to be fine tuned.

We hope each Storm will help to unlock a social problem, and its ripple effect will be felt as relevant and meaningful.

For more details of the first event go to Cape Town 2014.