Studio Profile:

Tsai Design Studio is a young and dynamic architecture, interior and furniture design studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of urban projects that each carries our hallmark of creativity, innovation and experimentation.

In our architectural designs, we create dynamic, sometimes unconventional and unexpected, proposals that allow the building to reflect its own personality, while staying true to its core function. In our furniture design and interior design, we like to play with materials and new configurations, leading to ideas that offer a constantly changing perspective. The work we do in one discipline can and does influence the work we do in others.

We have won several design accolades and awards, including the prestigious international Red Dot Award; the International Young Design Entrepreneur Award sponsored by the British Council; and an honorable mention for “Young Architects In Africa” Award in 2014. Our Nested Bunk Bed was voted by the public as the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. While many of our projects have been built to completion, we also allow our creativity to flow into international and local competitions.

Awards and Accolades:


CIFA Award of Architecture for Zip Zap Academy.
• The Loerie Awards for Zip Zap Academy (silver trophy in architecture category). (more info)


• As part of the “Young Architects in Africa” award, some of our work were exhibited at the 15th Venice Biennial of Architecture and later in Shanghai, China.


• 1st Prize for Media24’s “Re-imagining An Icon” Competition to upgrade Cape Town’s landmark Naspers Building. (more info)
• Honorable Mention for the international “Young Architects in Africa” competition, France. (more info)
• Officially recognized World Design Capital projects by us: Safmarine Community Projects, Green Lab & Cape Town Open Design Festival.
• Finalist in the Western Cape Government Public Art Competition. (more info)


• The Loerie Awards for Visserhok Container School (silver trophy in architecture category). (more info)
• Top 10 finalists for ‘Fine Brandy By Design’ Bar Competition.


• Afrisam Award for Sustainable Architecture for Safmarine Sports Center (top 8 finalists). (more info)
• Design Indaba ‘Your Street’ competition for Urban Mosaic Project. (more info)


CIFA Award of Architecture for Safmarine Sports Center. (more info)
• 3rd prize, Anglo American Architecture Competition. (more info)


• 2nd prize for ‘Re-Imagine Cape Town’ Competition. (more info)
• Top 10 finalists for ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa Award’ at Design Indaba for the Ostrich Barstool. (more info)


• 3rd prize winner, Western Cape Furniture Competition, for the Ostrich Bar Stool. (more info)
• 4th prize winner, Best of Cape Town Award for the Nested Bunk Beds. (more info)


• Top 5 finalists, CTICC Public Sculpture competition, SA. (more info)
• 2nd prize international winner for the International Young Design Entrepreneur Award, British Council, UK. (more info)


• Winner Topbilling Momentum Lifestyle Award for the decor category, SA. (more info)
• Winner of the International Red Dot Award for the the Nested Bunk Beds. (more info)
• Winner of ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ Award for the Nested Bunk Beds,as voted by public at Design Indaba, SA. (more info)


• 1st prize winner,Pick ‘n Pay 36sqm Challenge competition, SA.

• Excellence Award for stand design at Decorex Cape Expo, SA.
• Top 10 finalists for two submissions at SA Telcom ‘Chair of the Future’ competition.
• Top five finalists, Carrol Boyes Metal Competition to design a set of salt and pepper shakers, SA.


• 2nd prize winner, Twiice International Chair Design Competition, SA.


• 2nd prize, Hanssem DBEW International Housing Competition, Korea.

Some Of Our Clients: